BACKUP YOUR FILES TODAY – Before Murphy strikes

As the song says “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til
it’s gone”.

Long story short. The entire 17GB photo library is housed
on Carolyn’s pc. Accessing a picture from my Mac was a multistep process over
the network. Solution was a shortcut to that particular drive & folder on my
finder. Worked as a breeze. Since Carolyn now uses a new machine I needed new
shortcuts. I recreate them as I did in the past, except this time in a drag
& drop error in the finder (from the column view to a new button) it WIPED
the library without a word or even a beep.

Later that evening Carolyn
sets the screensaver to pull up random pictures from the photo library and
receives a notice the folder is empty??!! A moment of disbelief seized us both.
Check, double check, triple check nothing is there. Gone without a trace. What

I won’t bore you yet with the data recovery details, but wanted
to post the message about backup; because it is something we have both have
kicked ourselves about the past 18 hours. Reasons are not important. We all have
the same reasons; I’ll do it next weekend, wrong software, not organized yet,
too much data to fit on one disc, etc. etc.

The point is: do it
today and avoid the pain.

We were at 2/3(?) of recovering of the photo
library when Murphy struck. The data recovery software – which is not supposed
to touch the drive you are recovering data from – crashes and takes the whole
drive down – yes, every folder in that drive is now gone. The drive still
appears to hold lots of GB of data, but so far 2 extensive recoveries (surface
scan based) with different softwares have come up empty. Gone are some folders
which were yet to be merged into the library.

If that was not
enough. Thinking smart (we thought) to retrieve every image file possible we ran
the software simultaneously on the other PC where images had been stored
previously with pretty good result … ’til the software locked up making the
other remaining files unrecoverable apparently :/

There’s a lot more
details in this story, but, I am never again going to think twice about burning
files on multiple dvds. Organized or not.

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