Data Recovery & Murphy strikes III

We took the secondary drive (the one with the missing
photo library in the first partition) to a data / disaster recovery
professional. We’ll see what the results are to recover the data on the first
partition in a few days. Sounded positive since there is no hardware issue on
that drive (that we know of / suspect).

Murphy hit again btw!
Right before I took the secondary drive out for recovery; I copied recovered
files from the secondary drive’s 2nd partition to the main hard drive (so they
could use the 2nd part of that drive for storage of the first partition after
they recovered it). At 99% copy progress the computer tanked with a hard drive
click. I missed a few heartbeats. Her pc rebooted and prompted system disk error
invalid … What?!?! I could not believe it. We may have more recovery to do.
I’m checking the drive right now. It’s in operational condition with a corrupted
file allocation table. Work in progress.

As soon as I get into
windows on that machine or another computer to access that data/disk it goes
right to DVD.

Carolyn says I have to smile. Ok :) and enjoy this
bottle of Moet Chandon Imperial Nectar as we toast to our new life of backing up
data. She even suggested incorporating this into our decor by hanging Backup
DVDs on the wall like wallpaper. I’m not sure about that one. but anyway:

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