” Moose “

It was not planned by any means, but we couldn’t help it
but adopt this poor friend. While shopping for cat food Carolyn came across a
non-functional returned computer at Sams (dead hard drive – no cds, no OS, no
drivers) with 17 inch flat panel monitor just piled in a box. Visually
everything looked in pretty much new condition, price was ok and geek is my
middle name ;) … so we took it home and gave it a big dose of TLC. A wipe
& vacuum, added two 200GB hard drives, doubled the RAM to 1GB, swapped the
keyboard & mice for a wireless combo from Logitech and tada :) Moose was
(re-)born. He found a very happy home on Carolyn’s desk. Matrix is still a bit
surprised, but he’ll be OK ;)


Moose= Pentium 4 2.53GHz,
1GB RAM, dual 200GB hard drives, 17 inch FP monitor, dvd, cdrw, etc.

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