Do not disturb while roaming

So you are on a national cellphone/mobile plan from ATT
and wonder “Why
doesn’t it ring when someone tries to call me? for weeks!
” I blamed it on
this remote area with some competition & roaming quirks (like I have to dial
every number twice). Angry that I missed an important call, I decided to call it
in and it turns out my account somehow had
do not disturb
while roaming
” active. Which is odd, as I received calls in the past
while roaming, don’t know that I requested that feature (nor even had it) and –
LOL – if it was on my phone I wouldn’t know where to find it. Computer snafu?
Most likely. According to the service representative they have lots of calls
recently where that turns out to be the issue. Funny thing is they don’t know
what caused it.
If you are an ATT wireless customer and missed some calls
you may want to give them a call.

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