Nov 7 2003
So you are on a national cellphone/mobile plan from ATT
and wonder “Why
doesn’t it ring when someone tries to call me? for weeks!
” I blamed it on
this remote area with some competition & roaming quirks (like I have to dial
every number twice). Angry that I missed an important call, I decided to call it
in and it turns out my account somehow had
do not disturb
while roaming
” active. Which is odd, as I received calls in the past
while roaming, don’t know that I requested that feature (nor even had it) and -
LOL – if it was on my phone I wouldn’t know where to find it. Computer snafu?
Most likely. According to the service representative they have lots of calls
recently where that turns out to be the issue. Funny thing is they don’t know
what caused it.
If you are an ATT wireless customer and missed some calls
you may want to give them a call.

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Nov 5 2003
have two cows.

Your neighbor has

You feel guilty for being

Barbara Streisand sings
for you.

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Nov 4 2003
Very bad news on the Panther upgrade front. 2 issues are
now official.

People that upgraded to Panther last week with their
FireWire 800 external hard drive attached to their system, lost the data on
those extrnal drives!!! (updated
) Drive manufacturers like Lacie have posted
updates & Apple is looking at fixing the issue, but that’s a little too late
for those who lost ALL their data, backups, etc. Many people backup all their
data & documents as well as their entire Operating System with programs etc
up to external hard drives for speed & convenience (without burning DVDs).
When you think you have a backup – think again! Given our own drive issues I can
imagine a little bit what some users, artists, professionals & small
companies are going through.

A new Panther feature called
“firevault” is also causing serious problems (story).
It allows 128 encryption of your data (nice & safe) but when you reboot and
click ok to reclaim gained disk space (who doesn’t like some MB / GB of space
back?) it basically throws your personal settings etc in the trash & doesn’t
allow you to recreate them nor save them. Thus rendering your system unusable.
Nice …

Wouldn’t you pull your hair out if you had an external
firewire 800 drive, backed everything up prior to the upgrade to that drive,
upgrade to panther, use firevault with reclaim disk space. Then find yourself
with an unusable system & no backup to restore?

I can’t believe
this even happens. Either of these things should have been caught in beta phase.
Nobody tried firevault in beta? A big manufacturer like Lacie didn’t get a copy
of Panther for testing?

This time I’m really glad I didn’t jump on
the upgrade wagon on day one, like I have done so many times in the past. That
firevault problem on top of our data loss would have caused me to short circuit
… or something like that.

(Our data recovery on the two hard
drives btw has not had the hoped results so far, and my feeling is it’ll stop at
what we recovered ourself unfortunately)

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Nov 4 2003
Glad today is election day so we’ll be done with the
dozens of pro- / contra- ads on TV. We had them coming out of our ears with both
the California governor race and local state topics (casino, gambling, tax
reform, education, …) Big relief when the California Recall was over, only to
see an increase in local political ads. It would turn you mad. Really! Every
commercial break – and there’s too many of those – they’re back. One more day
… one more day .. right, they’re already starting for the Presidential
election next year. Oh well.

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