A few flurries

Some have noticed that I’ve been absent the past weeks.
I’m not sick or anything. My mom flew into town and is staying with us for the
holidays. Maximizing sightseeing, enjoying healthy walks in the snow, sharing
some of nature’s forest & river treasures and simply spending lots of
quality time together – which makes for a very nice Christmas – I’ve barely
touched my Mac other than to check email in a jiffy.

Visited many
places in Maine, though the real touristy stuff is all closed for the fall &

Last weekend we drove up to Quebec – Canada and of course
had to spend a half hour at the border to answer a long list of questions. Not
that anything was wrong with any of our papers, passports, car, … not at all!
It’s just my luck. I can’t fly anywhere without getting at least stopped once.
Must be the geek look (?) that flags something – LOL. I’m already curious how
much time it’ll take next weekend when we go snowmobiling across the border as
the US is back on “high alert” with now even more security at the border. [
oh, did you
hear they denied access to some suspect terrorists at the border after an
updated suspects list was issued last week? We can only wonder how many got
through before the updated list came out

Quebec was okay.
Road conditions were a lot worse in Canada than the US. They don’t seem to put
as much effort into keeping the roads clear. Same for parking & sidewalks.
In the tourist district, old Quebec City, we heard business owners complain that
not many people were shopping on this prime time weekend night – but – you’d
stay home for less as their sidewalks and streets were covered with ice. Who
wants end up in the hospital going souvenir shopping? So much for tourist
friendly Quebec City and their Noel Fest err. sidewalk survival course.

Oh, one funny thing happened in the elevator. I was wearing my
gore-tex boots & jacket, carrying an extra pizza from the Italian restaurant
we dined at. Slipped into the elevator behind my mom & Carolyn. First to
exit and Carolyn heard a woman comment to her husband how they are so discrete
about delivering pizza’s in this hotel – LOL. I had a new job and didn’t even
know it. Pizza boy!

Tomorrow we go snowmobiling in Canada. We’d
love to closer to home but warm weather and lack of snow force us to go North.
These Maine winters sure aren’t what they led us believe they are (so far) ;-)
For one thing school & government shuts down with the slightest snow &
winter mix. Very interesting. You’d think they wouldn’t worry about a few inches
of snow.

In any way you can look forward to a big update after the

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