Best Wishes

It’s surreal. Tomorrow is New Year!? Where did December
go? We couldn’t believe it was Christmas (I couldn’t believe it was my birthday
again either) and now it’s New Year? Stop the clock, I need more

It really seems 2003 was too short, but then if we add up all
the things we did, places we went, etc it sounds like it must have been about a
year (minus a few months – WINK). We must have been too busy to notice how fast
time flies. I still need to bring some December photos online and want to
squeeze a few more things in. Argh. See, I’m not ready yet.

weather is still much warmer than it should be. All snow is pretty much gone.
Snowmobiling in Quebec last weekend was a big hit. The scenery was breathtaking.
What beautiful places one can ride through. It certainly sounded & looked
like we made the right decision to head 3+ hours NW as there wasn’t much snow
left in Maine, and even in Canada the trails had suffered from the hot weather
& rain. Riding in these remote and secluded areas was such a nice
experience, but, more on that next week.

It’s time to work on my New
Year’s Resolutions ;)

make backups,
update blog & gallery more than I did in December, tweak the site, organize
& digitize AV, join the gym, …

Actually we’re flying
out of town, and I need to pack some more

Have a
safe transition from OLD to NEW! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! And see you next year!



PS: It was
interesting to see the cultural difference again between Europe & the US.
Here on Dec 26th the holiday season is over, where in Europe it carries on into
the beginning of January. The holidays only start on the 24th and go till the
first week of January in my book. Not here. Left and right decorations are
already taken down. I can’t believe some people actually toss their Christmas
tree out already on the 26th. All holiday related items are pretty much gone in
the stores and made room for the spring & summer items. Now, they’re not
going to sell a bikini, grill, patio set, garden tools etc for another few
months (I can guarantee that with 3 more winter months here to come) but such is
commerce. It certainly does push me too fast into the New Year.

Anyway! Happy New Year! ;)

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