Single digit temperatures ahead!

It’s 15F outside! Talk about a sudden drop in temperature
:) The forecast reads 11F (-12C) tomorrow morning with a real feel of -4F
(-20C). Not too bad. But, get this: on Mount Washington, NH it is currently -12F
(-24C) with a real feel of -50F (-46C) because there’s 68 to 81 MPH (109 to 120
km/h) winds! I can’t imagine how cold that is

But it does remind me
of the movie The
. British explorer Sir Shackleton and his crew survived for
nearly 2 years through such unimaginable circumstances during their expedition
to the South Pole on which they departed in 1914. It really gives a new meaning
to exploring & adventure. Forget reality TV & survivor shows, 2 years on
Antarctica that’s survival!

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