Time flies

I can’t believe I haven’t said a word yet on the snow we
had last weekend. It has simply been an amazing transformation. Last Thursday
& Friday, after it finally started to freeze, I was out taking snaps in my
regular places, venturing off the beaten path a little more than before,
stepping onto the ice … :)

Late Friday there was a sudden change in
the weather forecast and Saturday it started to snow :) The flakes were really
small and the strong wind was blowing them sideways, but it added up to over a
foot and boy have I enjoyed it. Digging the snow away around the car, driving
through a white winter landscape, watching flakes dwindle down. Suddenly the
bare tree landscape looks romantic with the thick white blanket. Helped by an
extra layer of clothes (it is again -17C this morning!) I’ve walked in knee deep
in snow, sure noticing why snowshoes were invented. The greatest thing with snow
is for whichever angle you want to take a picture at or wherever you want to
take a close up you just plop down in the snow. It’s soft and you don’t get wet
or dirty.

In the past week we have been planning a little for the
holidays and starting to outline the first half of next year. It looks like
there’ll be plenty of surface & air miles again!


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