Happy New Year!

Best wishes to all. May 2004 be a good &
memorable year for all of us :)

So, yes, we’re back :) We had a safe
trip, which of course was way too short. You can only do so many things in a few
days. Air travel was OK, considering how things are nowadays. Unfortunately TSA
ruined the zipper on one of C’s favorite bags (yes, it was unlocked!). It was a
top brand limited series so we’ll have to wait and see what response we get from

We had a nice time with C’s mom & aunt and some friends.
It sure felt hot in Florida. After knee deep snow the previous weekend it was
like full summer for us in a matter of 4 days. We enjoyed the 2 extra hours of
daylight, green plants & trees, and had to keep the airco on in the car to
feel comfortable :) What a difference a few hours makes.

of difference. It’s a whopping -7F / -22C here this morning. Add quite a bit of
wind and even I’ll say it’s cold outside. LOL. No snow or precipitation, so
driving is safe out here.

We planned to join the gym and were really
committed … only to find they raised the bit elevated price by another 50%.
Ouch, Sticker Shock! The only affordable way is to join for a year, but we
can’t commit to that. I’ve been to another gym in the mean time but am not
really enthusiastic. Maybe there’s a third one that matches our taste &

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