MacWorld San Francisco ‘04 Keynote = boring

In short: Good news = iLife 2004. Bad news = new hardware
delayed, overpriced mini iPod.
Steve Jobs promised an exciting anniversary
year, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Everybody had high hopes for
desktop updates, some new peripherals, a few price adjustments and something
really new … but Apple didn’t
deliver, which, for the start of the year of 20th anniversary of the Mac doesn’t
feel right.

The keynote begins with the famous 1984 commercial
which has a cute detail: the female athlete runs listening to an iPod

Apart from Apple’s iLife package which now is updated as iLife 2004 with some much
requested features and the mid level video editing upgrade to Final Cut Express 2,
there wasn’t anything exciting for most. For businesses there are finally G5 XServe systems available. MS
Office 2004 for Mac was presented briefly. New features in iLife were
highlighted (and there’s quite a few in iMovie & iDVD) with a lot of time
for the 5th and new application in the suite: Garage Band, a sound
mixing application. Not really important to most, IMHO.

I didn’t
believe the rumors, but there it was: iPod mini. A bit smaller than
a common cellphone, available in 5 colors and holding 4 GB of storage. Neat.
Euh, sticker shock: $250! You could hear a pin drop. Fact is that for $50 extra
you have 4 times the storage capacity with regular iPod. General agreement: yes
it’s cute and miniaturization costs, but it is simply overpriced compared to the
regular iPod $$/GB to become a hit.

This time there was no “and
there’s one more thing”. The keynote ended quietly with a recap of the

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