Feb 29 2004
ThunderBird 0.5
has a bug / missing feature regarding passwords beyond the primary POP account.
TB 0.5 worked fine with one account. Today I wanted to use another email address
with it, and there’s no place to enter the password. Anywhere. It also broke
the Get Mail button. Frustrating to see this in an otherwise very nice program.

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Feb 29 2004
Finally world recognition. Robin Williams just said it in
front of the whole world: Freedom Fries are from Belgium.
Thank you! Thank
you! Thank you!

From the first time I visited the US I couldn’t quite
understand how the French were associated with them. Since Belgians are modest
people, the French must have taken credit at some point in history.

Too bad it’s still often a toss whether the fries served in an
American establishment will be good.

Loved the opening of the Oscar
night with Billy Crystal!

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Feb 28 2004

While browsing online Finland a little bit, I stumbled onto an international snow & ice exhibit in Rovaniemi; near the Arctic circle. You have to love the internet for such a nice find on a Saturday morning while you are having your cup of coffee. Navigation between the different exhibits is a little bit of a back & forth, but it’s certainly worth it when you see some the amazing creations & photos.


Feb 26 2004
I just purchased a song from the iTunes Music Store
(iTMS) using one of the winning promo caps from the Pepsi iTunes Music
. I rarely ever drink Pepsi, but wanted to give it shot &
picked a winning bottle at WalMart last week.

I will admit that I
have been out of touch with music a little bit the past years. I’ve cruised the
iTMS a few times, but didn’t feel compelled to buy anything. Not surprisingly I
couldn’t think of anything to buy for a whole week. I was leaning towards
something New Age, but couldn’t decide on. Luminous idea: why not see if the
happy energetic theme song from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is available?
Tada! Widelife – All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) now has a place in our
digital music library. (Url
to access this song in iTunes

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Feb 24 2004
Time to visit System Preferences – Update Software. Many
fixes (5 MB) to “stuff under the hood” :)

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Feb 24 2004
We got a scale Dept 56 Times Tower building which
features a motorized lighted dropping ball. Well, it wasn’t moving &
lighting properly, so I had to take things apart, which turned into a little

How do you open things that aren’t meant to be opened?

How do you fix a circuit board half the size of a postage stamp?

(read more).

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Feb 20 2004
If you like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, then here’s a
fun video clip: Straight Eye For The
Queer Guy
hosted at iFilm.com. There are many good clips
there, so only start cruising around when you have a spare hour – WINK.

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Feb 17 2004
Finally!! After what seems a really long wait Bravo is back with the best show of
2003: Queer Eye for
the Straight Guy
. I can’t way to see & hear Carson. He made us
laugh so many times! If you’ve never seen the show, you may want to tune in at
least once. They’re quite a team & have pulled off some amazing transforms
in the past.

The only downside is that we can’t watch the new
episodes of Ground
on BBC
at the same time. But, since Alan Titchmarsh is no longer on
the show we don’t view it so often any more. It’s just not the same without him.

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Feb 16 2004
I switched to another JAlbum skin / theme called
Showoff (rather than further modifying the Exhibit theme I was using). Key ideas
were lighter code & pages, quick(er) browsing, neutral background, intuitive
navigation, a few extra details similar to the exhibit mod I did and good
rendering as low as 800×600. You’ll notice the thumbnails are a bit smaller
while the images are a little (1/4) bigger. It looks nicer with the bit larger
photos. The gallery renders fine in Mac IE 52 – Safari 1 – Firefox 0.8 and
Windows IE 6; so one should be set to view it :)

We added December
photos to the gallery. “mid December” has some general winter images and
“Christmas” will take you to Canada, Quebec City & snowmobiling through the
woods & countryside. Click here to jump there :)

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Feb 14 2004
While I’m used to Valentine’s Day being the celebration
of love for your most beloved, in the U.S. it’s a little bit broader, with
Valentine’s wishes for the friends, family & colleagues as well. It still
feels a bit odd to me, that one buys Valentine’s cards & gifts for someone
other than the person most dear to your heart, but it’s nice to show other
people your appreciation.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

BBC Valentine’s around the
Annie’s Valentine
History Page

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