100 million free songs -1

I just purchased a song from the iTunes Music Store
(iTMS) using one of the winning promo caps from the Pepsi iTunes Music
. I rarely ever drink Pepsi, but wanted to give it shot &
picked a winning bottle at WalMart last week.

I will admit that I
have been out of touch with music a little bit the past years. I’ve cruised the
iTMS a few times, but didn’t feel compelled to buy anything. Not surprisingly I
couldn’t think of anything to buy for a whole week. I was leaning towards
something New Age, but couldn’t decide on. Luminous idea: why not see if the
happy energetic theme song from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is available?
Tada! Widelife – All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) now has a place in our
digital music library. (Url
to access this song in iTunes

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