Aaahhh commercials

It’s that one day of the year we enjoy a commercial break

We’re not quite the superbowl fans, but we keep the TV on, just
to catch who’s paid for the most expensive advertisement spots of the year.
Budweiser sure is pulling some laughs! I had already seen the leaked preview of
the Pepsi iTunes ad. Nice bit of attention for the iTunes Music store.

The G5 arrived yesterday. It’s quite nice. Lots of controls and
options. Pretty easy to step into for me, having used other Canon cameras. But,
you may hear that I am not super enthusiastic. Is this a good camera? Sure. A
winner? No. I certainly don’t give it a 5-star rating as it has a few rough
edges. In the first 25 test shots I probably already hit all the issues this
camera has. I’ll hold my verdict till I shot another 100 photos with it. I
haven’t decided yet if this is going to be a keeper. This thing may need to go
back, till they come out with a G6 that does away with these

Other short news?
– We joined the gym on Monday and
both enjoy our daily workouts.
– No snow. Only about 1 cm early January
and then nothing :( Today it went for the first time above freezing in two
months. It felt really warm in the sun for the first time in several weeks.

– For the site I will likely abandon the dynamic menu. It’s unbelievable,
but the menu does not support the positioning & sizing I need for the
updated design. I don’t want it to work half and half … so out it’ll go.

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