Feb 11 2004
An update (0.8) with a new name for the Mozilla cross
platform open source browser. Welcome FireFox

Those of us using Safari (under Mac OS X) are pretty accustomed to
tabbed browsing. If you are running any flavor of Windows with Internet
Explorer, you may want to download FireFox because of the tabbed browsing, built
in security and other new features you
don’t find in IE. That, and the lack of IE flaws & vulnerabilities.

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Feb 10 2004
fired President John Walter after nine months, saying he lacked intellectual
leadership. He received a $26 million severance package. Perhaps it’s not Walter
who’s lacking intelligence.

Police in Oakland, California spent two hours attempting to subdue
a gunman who had barricaded himself inside his home. After firing ten tear gas
canisters, officers discovered that the man was standing beside them in the
police line, shouting, “Please come out and give yourself up.”


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Feb 10 2004
We had a busy but fun weekend. The weather was a bit
uncooperative for our friend’s flights on Friday (de-icing queue in Boston &
Portland International Jetport (PWM) started plowing snow 1 hour late) causing a
2 hour delay.

We toured the area on Friday evening. Saturday morning
we went dogsledding 2 hours North of here, near Moosehead lake, with our guide
Ed Mathieu from moosecountrysafaris.com.

It was a great experience. So quiet & peaceful. I can certainly
recommend it.
We had lunch at The Black Frog and
drove into Canada to see a few sights and visit the ice hotel
near Quebec.

Truly a unique place. I doubt we’ll stay overnight any
time soon though. It is too cold for my taste.

There was a very
frustrating dinner delay at the Auberge Benedict Arnold.
Those with reservations who arrived at 8PM had dinner close to 10PM. Not enough
staff, and they really didn’t do anything to handle such situation (greet the
customers, give them an aperitif with a snack, explain the delay, … rather
than keeping them waiting, then waiting in the hallway, sitting at an empty
table while staff runs around ignoring you for 20 minutes, etc) Add a chain
smoker in the non smoking section … and you understand we were a little
frustrated – and HUNGRY. If we hadn’t been recommended this auberge and hadn’t
had a good stay there in the past, we certainly would have walked away. Anyway.
Once we had some food & a glass of wine the atmosphere improved … and we
slept really well.

On the way back we did some sightseeing between
Notre Dame des Pins & the border, where I got caught in a little bit of
drifting snow …

While taking
a few photos the wind suddenly picked up. I don’t recall ever feeling so cold so
quickly in my hands & face. The snow dust really deep chills any exposed
skin in a matter of seconds. It sure increases your appreciation for
mountaineers, arctic adventurers, etc.

The rest of the trip back was
uneventful, and before dark we still got to visit our favorite little park.

A gallery update with photos from late December through January is
in the works :)

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Feb 3 2004
I have always been a proponent to tax spammers for their
bandwith & email usage to the point they can no longer stay in business.
But! Now the big heads such as Bill Gates are proposing
that every sender would pay x cents for every email?!

Give me a
break. Spam & viruses have already caused people to like their computer
& the internet far less. Now we need digital stamps?! ISPs will be saving
tons with all the saved bandwith by not having to deliver spam, so why should we
have to pay more?

Ggggrrrr. That’ll be $5 for that 1 MB email you
are sending to 5 friends.

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Feb 3 2004
Do we really need an investigation into this? [Photo for those that missed
] They crossed the line. She “forgot” to wear a bra. True, it should
not have occurred, but it has now been on TV every hour for 48 hours! Double
standards, don’t show it, don’t show it – but hey, every TV network repeats it
endlessly! And, why waste tax dollars on it? Oh, law suits? Right, it’s all
about the money.

Personally, I am more concerned about kids being
exposed day after day to certain language, behavior & violence on radio
& TV, having easy access to illegal drugs & firearms; than an uncovered
breast. Depending on where you live you don’t have to drive far to see what I am
talking about.

Oh well.

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Feb 2 2004
If you’re having a bad day, you must see this video:

(14 MB Windows Media Video file)

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Feb 1 2004
It’s that one day of the year we enjoy a commercial break

We’re not quite the superbowl fans, but we keep the TV on, just
to catch who’s paid for the most expensive advertisement spots of the year.
Budweiser sure is pulling some laughs! I had already seen the leaked preview of
the Pepsi iTunes ad. Nice bit of attention for the iTunes Music store.

The G5 arrived yesterday. It’s quite nice. Lots of controls and
options. Pretty easy to step into for me, having used other Canon cameras. But,
you may hear that I am not super enthusiastic. Is this a good camera? Sure. A
winner? No. I certainly don’t give it a 5-star rating as it has a few rough
edges. In the first 25 test shots I probably already hit all the issues this
camera has. I’ll hold my verdict till I shot another 100 photos with it. I
haven’t decided yet if this is going to be a keeper. This thing may need to go
back, till they come out with a G6 that does away with these

Other short news?
- We joined the gym on Monday and
both enjoy our daily workouts.
- No snow. Only about 1 cm early January
and then nothing :( Today it went for the first time above freezing in two
months. It felt really warm in the sun for the first time in several weeks.

- For the site I will likely abandon the dynamic menu. It’s unbelievable,
but the menu does not support the positioning & sizing I need for the
updated design. I don’t want it to work half and half … so out it’ll go.

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