Acrobat Fillable forms … yeah right

I have some government forms I need to fill out, so why
not use the fillable Acrobat ones? Saves on handwriting deciphering ;) and
potential confusion.

With about a 1/4 filled out Acrobat bleeps. Ugh.
Ok, I’ll just download a copy & fill it out offline, saving periodically.
Acrobat tells me I cannot save over the original but allows me to save a copy.
Fine. I fill out 3/4 of all the pages, re-saving after every page. Acrobat
crashes again when I try to resize the window. No biggie, or so I thought! The
save copy file does not contain any typed filled out data??? What the?!

Unbelievable … isn’t it supposed to save what you fill out in a
fillable form?
Or am I missing something?

… what a waste of
time. 3rd time will be on paper. Unfortunately I have to look all data up again.

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