The waiting game

Apple. Apple. Apple. When o when will we see the G5

For quite a while (G4 MDD anyone?) I’ve been waiting to
upgrade my main system to a rev. B dual G5. Since the DP G5 2.0 GHz was
announced last summer – with the promise of whole processor line-up and a Dual
G5 3.0 in a year (!) – there has been no CPU update. Steve Jobs announced
January 6th this would be a very exciting anniversary year.

Well, I
haven’t seen any of that excitement yet. It is nearly Spring and a lot of people
seem to be waiting.

Am I unreasonable to think that:
– we
should be at about dual 2.4 GHz or a bit more by now? (dual 3.0 this
– that a matching monitor and keyboard mouse combination are long
over due?

Function & style were always #1 for Apple, but since
the G5 was launched, for 3/4 of a year you can only buy an ugly $5000 mismatch
… Why not at least use the keyboard & mouse set from the G4 series? Or are
we to spray paint the G5 tower white to match the iMac eMac mouse & keyboard
combo? I wont rant on about the antique single button mouse ;) Apple seems to
stubborn to improve that critter. Pro mouse without a second button & scroll
wheel? Tssss.

I guess my fingers are itching too much for extra
horsepower …
It’s time to see something new from Apple. Too much focus
on the mini iPod & iTMS for me.

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