Thunderbird 0.5 POP password entry solution

This problem currently has no bug report in Bugzilla and
was undocumented in the mozilla fora.

There is no box/space to enter
a password anywhere in TB. By design TB prompts (or should prompt) for the
password the first time it connects to the new server/account. In my case with
OS X it did this only at initial setup with the primary account; not with the
second and further accounts that were added later.

TB ignored my
second account (which was set to check at startup). After not finding any
solution yesterday & today; I right-clicked on the account – get messages
for account. To my surprise over a minute later TB popped up a box to enter the

This did not work for my tertiary account however, which
was added in this same session. I check marked check for messages at startup
& download immediately in the server settings. Closed TB. Re-opened TB and
right-away there was the password box.

So, if you are having this
problem, try the following: add all your account details, check mark the server
settings for getting the mail at startup. Close TB. Open TB and it should prompt
you. If it doesn’t you can still try the right-click – get messages. Hope that

… I don’t know why TB at startup this morning didn’t prompt
for the password on account #2 though, even though this worked for #3. All I can
say is that it is buggy!

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