Moose in the neighbor’s garden

No photo unfortunately. This morning, as I walked between the house
& the car, I saw a moose in the neighbor’s back yard. It took me a second to
realize it! It stood there the moment I saw it, then started walking away along
the fence behind their shed/garage. I quietly slipped the camera out, stepped a
little closer while it was behind that garage, fired up the camera, zoomed in
… only my camera was in playback mode (from the last download session) … so
I missed the shot! and the moose moved on of course. I quickly walked around the
block and wandered through the neighboring streets, but it must have been
between buildings again or have crossed the main road.

Note to self:
make sure your camera is in record mode at all times!

It was the
first moose I saw in broad daylight since we arrived here. Interestingly, this
second encounter is also by daylight in town in the capital area. (in 2000 I saw
one run in front of the state house). Out in the country we’ve only spotted a
few late at night along the road.

Runaround. ATT (I know) has an
extra flat rate plan which hopefully should solve our cellphone roaming issues.
Online it reads dial 1-800-REACHOUT to order. Female voice “Thank you for
your interest in ATT unlimited. To learn more or to sign up, log on to
www.att… If you would like to reach out or sign up, please hang up and call
1-866-REACHOUT or 866-…
” The first time I didn’t catch the 866 and the
rest of the number went way too fast. Second time around I caught the detail.
Isn’t it nice when online they tell you to call, where they tell you go online
or call another number?

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