Skiing: I’m blue material now.

(scenic view near the start of Dream Maker & Escapade)

had quite a workout at Sunday River. It didn’t take long to get accustomed to
the skis again. After the first hesitation to go down the lower half of the
green slopes again ~ euh, that looks a bit steep ;) ~ I quickly found my rhythm
again, trying to go a bit quicker, improve on turns, a few speedier stretches
straight downhill, …

I had signed up for a 90 min class (single
pupil again) and after a brief look at how good (bad?) I was we went on skiing.
A few pointers to solve some of the problems I experienced, introduction to
mainly pressure the outward leg, hip balancing, etc … and we went as high as
we could on the green slopes. I love the “Dream Maker”, it’s so nice to have a
long downhill stretch!

We took on one – for me really challenging –
steep spot between two trails, which I learned to control by initiating 2 or
more quick turns which you don’t finish (thus avoiding the speed & control
problem as with slaloming the full width). My execution was stop & go
turning, but it worked & I reached the bottom safe & well. Cool! I was
really excited about the progress in those 90 mins. I can ski quite a bit more
dynamic & fluid without hesitation for a steeper stretch.

about an hour left I went back up, looked at the blue trail called “escapade”
… and went for it. It was a bit more challenging of course, but went like a
breeze. My legs were feeling quite tired, but I gave escapade another go before
I called it a day. I would’ve loved to make another run, but my upper legs were
too exhausted. Better safe than sorry!

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