Quiet Sunday

Finally a calmer day, and some time to catch up with different things
and watch a movie. We enjoyed some laughs with the movie The Visitors. A French
production about a knight & his vasal who got teleported into our time.

Time has just flown by with different things (not in front of and
unrelated to computers) which is not necessarily bad, but, it itches that I
haven’t blogged anything, not checked in on my online friends and neglected my

I’ve been pretty pre-occupied with a possible big project for
the near future; which will take up a lot of my time and energy the coming
months (in positive ways). I’ll reserve announcement (either way) for later,
once things are firm and official. We certainly hope & wish things will fall
into place. So far things seem to go well. Keep your fingers crossed!

My body also seemed to want to play catch up with some lack of sleep
in Europe & jet lag, this past week. The first days we returned I fell
asleep where I sat by 9PM (rather than 11-12), cutting my days a bit short. Jet
lag is not generally an issue for me (at least it wasn’t really in the past) so
I bet it has to do with a few stressing days over the pond. Family issues …

Oh, spring has finally arrived. I can tell by my allergies
starting to act up. Hum hum. I went past the arboretum and the following two
days my sinuses are acting up more and more … Anyway. It is so wonderful to
see nature come to life. After our visit to Belgium where everything was so
green and spring so vibrant, it looked like winter here! … Which reminds me
that I need to surface some Belgium & spring photos! BRB :)

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