pinging issue resolved

I posted a request over in the forums today, so that we could find
out what the issue is with so many iblogs not showing in the recent entries.
Turns out it was the ‘ in for instance icerabbit’s blog that was not accepted.
Big thanks to August for looking into it so promptly and adjusting the code to
accept ‘. Just made a test entry, and it was properly listed as updated on the
. Hope other people have the same success.

If your
blog now shows in as updated, but you don’t see your icon / image.
Double check the URL you registered. Search for your own .mac username, then
view the details of your registered page. On the right you’ll see a link to
“update this page” where you’ll have access to the URL. Also make sure the
blogname on that page, matches your blogname in iBlog.

Good luck

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