I can only wonder

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Regarding todays summit in Ireland
on the morning news: According to President Bush, the majority of Europe
supports the war in Iraq, so …

Goodbye US economy?
Harbor security will go into high gear next week. Every commercial ship needs to
be equipped with a digital transponder and have a record of the last 10 ports of
call. Without either you won’t dock. And, if one of the ports on the list is not
up to snuff with new security standards, you can turn your ship around.
Initially the coast-guard will inspect every incoming ship, so expect delays.

It may sound like a good security move, but reportedly 80% of the
world’s ports are not secure. Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for trouble?
Comments on the impact made it sound like it would only hurt foreign economies
(they wouldn’t be able to unload their goods and import US goods). Hello-oh?!
Doesn’t America import anything? Parts? Retail goods? What about export? …

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