Jun 20 2004

Summer calls for tropical water, windsurfing & clear skies.

I’ll likely tweak some more, which is why the hard hat sign is up ;)

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Jun 19 2004

Following a link from Michelle’s blog, we played with the Portrait Illustration Maker and made a few
adjustments for a closer match. Wizard (grey tiger) is a challenge.

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Jun 16 2004
By coincidence we started watching Last
Comic Standing on NBC
last week, a talent search for the best
comedians in the nation. Mmmm nice, we thought, since we do enjoy comedy
central. The choice of the 20 finalists seemed fair last week. Tonight, it’s a
whole different story. The 10 finalists were clearly chosen by the producers,
not by the judges. It’s outrageous to see comedians receive standing ovations
from both the public & the judges, and then not get picked.
Back to
reality. We’re not amused and we’re not watching.

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Jun 15 2004
I haven’t shared yet how we met Seven & Wizard, so here’s the story
of their adoption.

For Christmas 2002 C and I wanted to adopt a
kitten. After a stressful trip to Polk County Animal Control (where we were
treated like criminals) we drove to the Humane Society. I liked a little black
& white kitten (8 weeks) that was oh so cute, while C liked a grey tiger
kitten (12 weeks). We decided on the tiger.

While we were filling
out the adoption papers, the younger girl there puts the box with the kitten
next to me. Mmmm. That little cry sounds like the little b/w kitten. Yes,
there’s some white fur. Since I spent most time with that kitten, they thought
that was the one we had decided on. There was something about the implanted chip
and in no time we decided it was better to have both, so they could keep each
other company when we’re gone during the day.

A short while later we
drove home with our two kittens. We named them Seven and Wizard. We were a bit
worried about our christmas decorations, but that didn’t seem a problem. They
kept close together, exploring the house bit by bit. Seven settled in fine, but
Wizard wouldn’t eat & drink, then he’d throw up. Likely stress from today.
The next days he wouldn’t eat either and at night he’d stay up crying for a very
long time. Since that didn’t improve, after the long Christmas weekend, I took
Wizard back to the Humane Society. We liked him, but what do you do when he
won’t eat or sleep for days?

They had already put him back in a
little cage by the time I walked into the back part of the complex. It was tough
to see him sitting there, looking at me, confused … (that memory still hurts
my feelings) There was a new little 8w old kitten, grey with white in it’s face
and on it’s paws; which I thought was a good match for Seven. Boy was I ever

Seven was waiting for Wizard to be back, but instead this
grey kitten pops out of the box that starts a fight whenever they cross paths,
beats Seven up at the food bowl, leaves a big “souvenir” under the Christmas
tree, … What a nightmare. I had to keep them separated and lock this lunatic
kitten in another room!

If only we had Wizard. It was very obvious
to me & C we had already grown too attached to Wizard the past days.
Whatever bothered us about him was nothing compared to stress this third kitten
was causing. I called the Humane Society, but they were already closed. I prayed
Wizard would still be there the next morning. 15min before they were open I was
already waiting in the parking lot. Thank god, he was still there! I drove him
home and things were back to normal, no fights, just peaceful coexistence. And
he ate, drank … Turns out that Wizard & Seven were given worm medicine
which had made him sick and unsettled.

Female, DOB 10/02, adopted
Description: short hair, tuxedo (black/white), polydactyl or
Behavior: active, asks attention, will initially hide for
Particular: will talk back with “ih ih” if she doesn’t like a
certain command like down or stay
Likes: play fetch, sit in daddy’s lap,
chin rubs & being petted, chase lizards, shrimp & lobster, lets Wizard
take the lead when she feels uncertain,
Dislikes: vacuum machine,

The name Seven was chosen because she has polydactyl front
paws with 7 toes and we are fans of Star Trek’s Seven Of Nine. Initially we
thought to name her “zeven” which is Dutch for seven, but it didn’t sound

Male, DOB 9/02, adopted 12/02
short hair, tiger (grey/black)
Behavior: relaxed, more passive, puts up
with Seven’s dominating moments, adventurous, investigates all
Particular: talks to birds & squirrels
Likes: dry cat
food, chase lizards, sit in an empty box, whip cream as a treat
other food than dry cat food, vacuum machine, bathing, spray bottle / water

The name wizard was chosen because he seemed like a smart cat and

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Jun 13 2004
Friday night I went for a late evening stroll to the small carnival
visiting town. The reduced size of the images doesn’t do justice to the shots,
but I really liked these two:

colors & blue sky under long exposure.

Motion fade.

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Jun 13 2004

After 10.2 Jaguar left me unsatisfied, I decided not to upgrade to the next
version upon announcement, but would rather wait ’till I would purchase a new
Mac, hoping Apple would release rev. B Dual G5s in Dec ‘03 – Jan ‘04. Several
months passed without new Dual G5 hardware releases from Apple (they did
announce the DP 2.5 G5 last week). So, a few weeks back, I took the plunge to
as I wanted to benefit from the updated Finder, Security, Network connectivity,
Safari and Mail.

One of the first things that everybody seems to
ask: “Is it worth the $129?” Hard to say, everybody has their own opinion on
that. I for one wasn’t excited when Steve Jobs said (with 10.2) there were 150
new features, so that’s less than $1 per feature. Sounds like a bargain ’till
you look at what some of those features are. Some were very standard things to
me that should have been in 10.0. But, when you look at some of the bigger
items, things seem to balance better. 10.3 is a similar story. All in all, I’d
rather see these OS X updates at $75. (read more)

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Jun 13 2004

Since we first heard about the movie, we felt we had to see The Day After
on the big screen.

Did we like it? Well, lets
just say we both walked away with mixed feelings. The idea for the movie is
great and the imagery is mostly top level, but the other aspects score low. The
story, directing, acting and overall realism could have been way better. There
is not enough affect & depth. The constant flip-flop from action to
melodrama and back was disturbing. Certain parts of the movie are too far
fetched and there were disturbing inaccuracies. Some extra work on the story,
acting and attention to details would have made this a better movie. As it was,
it’s average.

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Jun 10 2004
This morning, while shaving, Seven – who loves to play fetch – was
meowing pretty insistently. I turn around to look at … Ccrraacck!! I flattened
her favorite toy. It’s one of those ping pong ball size open plastic weave balls
with a little bell in it. Super light, rolls far, makes noise, easy to bat
around and grab for return. Maybe I can glue it? No, doesn’t look like it from
the number of fractures.

Seven stared at the broken thing, pawed it
and insisted it was play time. I said I was sorry, strapped the bell to the
fuzzy mouse and threw it in an attempt to distract her. Half a reaction but no
fetch. She returns “Where’s my ball?”. I try another toy. No go. She doesn’t
even move. I put the broken ball out of sight, after which she starts looking
everywhere and meowing for help, without giving up. Shaking fuzzy mouse with
bell gets the look, but not the play. Her meowing persists. She’s on a SAR
mission with total dedication. What to do? Without other solution I start to
super glue the major structure back together, under her supervision! 3/4 dud of
a ball without a bell. Not perfect, and it smells like glue, but she seems at
least a bit happier. Yep, we got game and she settles down a while later.
Pfiew. First time I was faced with the problem of explaining to a cat I’m sorry
I broke something and that I can’t fix it. Usually when she can’t find or reach
something, I come to the rescue … but there was no way out of this one. Pet
parenting is tough!

A trip to the the pet store or the neighborhood
WalMart is in order to get more of these toys. Only thing is I haven’t seen them
for a while.

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Jun 9 2004
PowerMac G5
Hot from the press! Checked this morning’s Mac news and it wasn’t announced yet.
Browse to Apple and out of the blue: the new G5
:) sported with Dual 2.5 GHz CPU, 1.25 GHz front side bus, 128 MB ATI Radeon
9600 XT, 8x superdrive … and Liquid
! Shipping starts in July. As the 1.6 Ghz model is
discontinued the G5 is now only available with Dual G5 CPU’s. The DP 1.6 &
2.0 saw a drop in price & received the 8x superdrive as well.

No word yet on the display update, nor a more matching keyboard
& “pro” mouse. Why o why can’t Apple get it’s styling together like with the
G4 series? My Cube, studio display & other stuff match perfectly. I just
itch when I walk into the Apple store and see the total mismatch of hardware.
But back to the good news, it’s good to finally see that long delayed &
awaited G5 update. Will they get the Dual 3.0 ready by September? ( ~ Dual 3.0
in one year )

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Jun 8 2004
I did take 5 minutes last week to snap a few photos and found this ant
drinking some water in the blossom of one of our banana trees.

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