Too tired to do anything

I don’t recall when I was this exhausted! I guess that’s a good thing. I
tell you, we are oh so trying to escape reality for the smallest bit, but our
bodies remind us we ran at a sustained 100% for the past week.

was initially planned as a relaxing vacation with just a few to-do’s and lots of
leisure time; completely changed into a boot camp workout. A few weeks back an
ex-colleague of C emailed she couldn’t find a place to stay. So, the thought
came up they could lodge at our place for a while. (continued)

We can box some things up and stick them in the garage. Eh, right!
“Some” things?! Those few things gradually changed into the biggest quickest
household pack ‘n go. At 95% completion, facing reality (our stuff is in storage
& they are bringing their stuff in) it became obvious this couldn’t work out
for us. Our place would never be the same again, and that was really starting to
sink in fast. We had focused too much on practical issues and not had time to
think it over. Aborting was not an easy decision, but the only right one. What
the heck were we thinking?

And what about our stuff? I’ll get it
back in a few weeks. Or? Oh, we’ll just get a truck now and get it over with. As
if we were not tired enough, we crammed in another day of moving under 90+F and
90+% humidity to get our belongings. It was a mad scramble to get the truck
unloaded and returned before closing time. With less than four hours of sleep we
got on the road for our early flight back. I never sleep sitting up in a plane,
but after take off I went right into dreamland!

Well, this has to be
the single most stupid thing we ever did! If only we didn’t get that line in the
email! If only that neuron didn’t fire “Maybe we can …”. We could’ve been
soooo rejuvenated, spent some time at the beach, windsurfed a little, got a
light tan, visited places … Man, O Man! Why did we trade this vacation for
boot camp? Well, we did smile & laugh about things during this long
endurance race, with stuff like “Hertz is not just a car rental company” “I’m so
tired sleeping on the ground would feel great”. When we stood on the scale and
we both appeared to have lost a few pounds, we knew we could turn this into a
diet . You can eat & drink as much as you want, with the JUST MOVE IT diet.

Time for some extra coke.

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