Jul 28 2004

After initial URL trouble yesterday, with the updated code from this
morning, things should be straightened out. As far as I can tell everything
should appear correct in Safari & Firefox.
I’m aware of the menu issue
with IE in Windows. I’ll look into it tonight.Upd.: Add : some
issues with lack of reading the standard CSS set + not supported by older Safari
versions for the time being.

I will look into fixing the issues.

For those with OS X pre Panther & Windows 9x/XP: for the most
standard compliant & safest browser, I always recommend the independent open
source alternative: FireFox It offers excellent protection for
Windows users compared with the oh so vulnerable never ever safe Internet
Explorer (which is far from up to date).

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Jul 27 2004
Just a headline over at maccentral.

seems a somewhat strange idea to have iTunes on cellphones, but, as mobiles
become all-in-one do-it-all portables, it probably is a good move for Apple to
broaden the horizon and get a foot in the door. Store a few songs in your phone
so you can listen to your favorite music during that game of …

Will this revamp or silence old rumors about the Apple iTalk? The Apple
cellphone / mobile – PDA … maybe Motorola can … ;) Just kidding. That market
is crowded enough!

Video clip with the announcement

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Jul 24 2004
I was writing up some “streamlined” code for an upcoming icerabbit.com
update [ yeaha! ;) ] earlier tonight, and I got oh so stuck. Everything was by
the book, all the i’s were dotted. Yet, Safari stalled and Firefox ignored
things suddenly. What? Check. Double check. No go. I made some small
modifications on possible undocumented bugs/restrictions. It wouldn’t move!

After what seemed the longest time of checking things over and over
and over again, I finally decided to give up for the night. I got a glass of
wine, walked past my cube and my brain went “wait a sec, it has to be this part”
3 quick tests later, I had it confirmed & fixed. Inside a JavaScript file, I
closed one of the lines of code twice. Doh! I was so relieved my idea actually

I will sleep a lot better tonight, I tell ya.

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Jul 22 2004

This land ...

As you may know, I’m not into the political game, but this wonderful animation
from JibJab with George Bush & John Kerry about sums it up: This Land … (note: it’s


PS: For resizable or full screen version
use this link: This Land …

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Jul 20 2004
Update for iPods with click wheel, iPod mini & 3rd generation iPods:
allows one click song shuffle, on the go playlists and more.

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Jul 19 2004

Apple’s homepage
announced the 4th
generation iPod
this morning: 20GB & 40GB models with a mini based
interface which now includes shuffle a.o., click-wheel and longer battery life
(reportedly up to 12 hours optimally). No anticipated 60GB model.

Note that there’s a conflict between the listed included &
compatible accessories in the technical info & the online store. The
remote & carrying case are listed in tech info as included with the 40GB,
however the checkout online lists it without.

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Jul 18 2004

A photo from last night’s fireworks over the Kennebec River, celebrating Hallowell,
on Old Hallowell Day 2004.

Jul 17 2004
A teenage Jewish boy, abandoned by his mother, grows up in 1960s Paris
in an apartment with his emotionally unavailable father. He has to raise
himself and learns that love isn’t bound by religion, genetics or morals. It’s
about being wanted and having someone in your life to care about. The
neighborhood “Arab” grocer teaches him to see the world with different eyes and
both are the better for it.

A story that warmed our hearts and worth
a look.

Cast: Omar Sharif
– 2004 – French – R [ Netflix - Walmart ]
Nominee 2004 Golden Globe Award
for Best Foreign Language Film
And Others

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Jul 16 2004
The Last Days, produced by Steven Spielberg, is a documentary in which 5
Jewish holocaust survivors tell of their tragic experiences during WWII. It is
part of the Survivors of
the Shoah Visual History Foundation
’s aim to interview as many
survivors as possible and educate the world. Some of the images are quite
graphic, but I think this documentary is a must see for every adult, so that
history can’t be rewritten.

The Last
– 1998 – English – Not Rated – [ Netflix - Walmart ]
1998 Academy Award Winner for
Best Documentary

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Jul 11 2004
It’s human nature to underestimate the danger we face in our day to day
lives and how fragile our hold on life is, until it’s challenged. We had never
heard of the saga of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, who in 1985 aspired to be the
first to reach the summit of this “ridge of some difficulty“, the 21,000
ft Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. Little did they know how deep they would
have to go to survive.

Touching the void is a powerful and
emotional documentary. This movie is a solid recommendation. It was so good we
bought the book.

Touching the Void – 2004 – English – R [ Netflix - Walmart ]
Simpson’s Homepage

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