Persistance is not futile

I was writing up some “streamlined” code for an upcoming
update [ yeaha! ;) ] earlier tonight, and I got oh so stuck. Everything was by
the book, all the i’s were dotted. Yet, Safari stalled and Firefox ignored
things suddenly. What? Check. Double check. No go. I made some small
modifications on possible undocumented bugs/restrictions. It wouldn’t move!

After what seemed the longest time of checking things over and over
and over again, I finally decided to give up for the night. I got a glass of
wine, walked past my cube and my brain went “wait a sec, it has to be this part”
3 quick tests later, I had it confirmed & fixed. Inside a JavaScript file, I
closed one of the lines of code twice. Doh! I was so relieved my idea actually

I will sleep a lot better tonight, I tell ya.

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