House snapshots

Just in time for the moving weekend, a heat-wave arrived in Maine. It’s
been a busy few days already, moving some items, starting to prep the master
bedroom and familiarizing myself with the local Home Depot a bit

We landed in some miniature “if walls could talk” / “restore
America” / “this old house” episode / series. I wanted to reinstall one of the
original antique French doors in the living room, only to discover it didn’t fit
anymore. Odd. Too many layers of paint? Yes, there’s only 7-8! Out of the top
of my head: top = dark green | white | yellow | off-white | salmon | tan |
light green.

We removed a less than stylish fake fireplace (some
ugly recent add on) and discovered some of the earlier wallpaper they used. In
some places we could see tiny samples of the 2nd & 3rd style; and I
carefully uncovered 2 somewhat larger patches of the original. Quite exciting.
It’s surprisingly dense in details & colors. (will take a

Just with the wood trim work that has 7+ layers of pain, I
will already be busier than I thought. Hopefully paint stripper can do the
toughest work ;)

Here are two quick snaps of the front of the house:

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