Hurricane Charley

Talk about a very humbling experience.

I will very honestly
admit that I could not sit still any more Friday afternoon. When tornado
warnings went up for our home county, the hurricane strengthened to category 3
and would make landfall near Fort Myers; they didn’t have to draw a map for me
that this thing was heading straight for our vicinity. Needless to say, I was
increasingly worried. A few hours later, when they announced it was a category 4
and confirmed the new trajectory, I feared the worst. I’ve seen a few hurricanes
& storms, but none this big, while away from home. All we could do from a
distance is wait and hope for the best.

The hurricane did pass over
our home town, but the true core was just a few miles east. Our house did not
sustain any damage. We only lost some fruit and my windsurfer vane went surfing
a little. (retrieved by a neighbor) Many others in our neighborhood have some
to considerable damage. So, we are very fortunate.

Everybody we’ve
been able to reach by phone is doing well. Some do have damage to their
property. Getting detailed information is still hard. Throughout the day there
were still wide spread power & phone outages. From the limited number of
photos I saw of our hometown, I can say that our town was lucky. Only minor
damage was visible. I do however fear for the surrounding communities that got a
direct hit, of which I haven’t seen any images yet.

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