Hurricane Charley (II)

Our thoughts are with the victims. So many people have damage to their
property, car, … I can’t tell you how relieved we were when our neighbor
called that the hurricane had passed and our house was fine. We have a pretty
solid house, but you never know. I don’t like to be away from home when there’s
a big storm. You see the hurricane plotted on the map, moving over Florida and
just feel powerless. I want to be able to take some precautionary measures,
respond to things if at all possible.

One person we know, lost his
house in Punta Gorda. In the morning, you leave for work, when it’s a cat. 2
hurricane that’ll make land fall an hour away. The local forecast is rain &
storm winds. In the afternoon it’s a cat. 4 heading for your house. By the end
of the work day your house is ruined, disintegrated …

I rounded up
some links to local newspapers:

Lakeland – The Ledger | Fort Myers –
| Orlando – Sentinel | Winter Haven –
| St Petersburg Times | Sarasota – Herald Tribune | The Tampa
| Naples Daily News
| Port
Charlotte – Sun Herald

and TV stations:

Baynews9 WFLA WFTS Tampa | ABC7 WINK
NBC2 Fort Myers | WESH
Orlando | WTSP St. Petersburg |

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