NOAA NWS – Experimental Graphical Forecasts

Air travel tomorrow made me look closer at the weather conditions in the
Southern US. After going through some of my bookmarks, I discovered the CONUS
Area Experimental Graphical Forecast
from NOAA – NWS. This may be
online for a while already without my knowledge (disadvantage of direct
bookmarks and watching the weather channel), but this is top of the line weather
viewing, imo.

Click on one of the national areas to load a regional map, hover over the
table on the left and instantly the data appears on the map. Scroll vertically
through the table and you get everything for a time slot. Horizontal scrolling
shows you trends. All of them for the next 5 days, including (!) wind speed
& direction + wave height forecasts. A straightforward detailed 5 day US
marine forecast has been on my request list for so long, it makes me jump up and
down in my chair. Thank you NWS!

Hopefully they get lots of positive
feedback. I’d like this thing to stay around ;)

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