We have the keys to a house

It’s not always been easy to keep this quiet the past weeks, but today I
can finally announce the news: we bought a house. Nothing big or extra ordinary.
Just a charming small house in town, that could use a bit of TLC and updating
(the more I look at things, the more I know I will be busy with a capital B for
quite a while) It really is amazing how big a small house is, when you have
lived in very compact quarters for several months.

We actually have
been house shopping for a while, but I didn’t say it out loud. A few months
back, the day I was about to make an entry that we bought a house, we backed
out, because of structural issues. So, that’s where I kept things under wraps
till we actually had the key in hand.

If you haven’t been home
shopping for a while, this a very fast moving market now in New England. If you
don’t jump on a property right when it hits the market, you hardly stand a
chance of buying anything. Quite frustrating, because it doesn’t let you pause
and “sleep on it”. Really, by the time it’s printed anywhere, it’s under
contract, really overpriced or has some issue(s). This is actually the third
property we had an offer on. The first one had a unsatisfactory technical
inspection (structural issue a.o.) and the second one had 13 offers (we could
have won, but we didn’t want to make a third offer outbidding other

So the third one was the charm. We were on the mark on
day one, and now, one month later we finally have they key. We thought to close
on the property some time earlier (1 – 1.5 weeks ago), but the were some
communication issues (too busy realtors, FedEx temporarily lost track of a
package) and an unfinished project that – even though the contract said it had
to be fixed – never got finished. Anyway. That’s all history

Time for a toast, and I’ll post some photos and detail some of
the projects later on.

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