Working while you sleep

Ever wonder why you wake up tired in the morning?
You may be
working in your sleep, as I appear to have been doing:

F: “You know
something funny about last night. You put the covers higher up on me, so I
wouldn’t be cold, but then a little later you rolled over and the covers were
gone. ”
C: “Oh, sorry.”
F: “That’s all right, I Just thought it was
C: “You know that you were moving around in the bed?”
C: “Yes, right before then, in my sleep I heard something move
around, thought it was the neighbors, then as I woke up a little bit more, I
realized you were dreaming & moving around in the bed. You stopped when I
told you, then started again later.”
F: “I don’t recall anything”
“I asked you what you were doing, and you replied you were remodeling something

No wonder I woke up tired the past mornings. Home renovations at

It’s interesting how daytime activities and/or stresses will
affect your sleep. Your brain just stays active while the rest of your body
rests (unless you’re remodeling, fighting, …) and generally you don’t know
about it in the morning; unless you wake up during a nightmare or you answer
questions in your sleep.

In my case, I’m clearly further processing
planned DIY activities for the next weeks, and starting to execute them. Good
thing I don’t sleep walk and start operating power tools ;)

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