DSL’s here, alive again

It feels good to be back on broadband. It’s like a breath of fresh air
after two weeks of some dial-up and a week of no internet.

So far
I’m very happy with our 3Mb DSL line from GWI.net Of course this is still day one, but,
everything was delivered and activated on time. Support answered within 5
minutes this morning to authenticate (one of) our MAC address(es) and offered
setup help, which I kindly declined. Ran a quick speed test to
NY and I was very glad to see we were around the 3000/768 mark.

The only – I would give them is for not offering one of the Toshiba
or Ericsson modems I’ve used in the past with a “stand by” or “pipe lock”
button. This one is “hot” all the time. The router will stop scanners in their
tracks, but I still like the convenience, security & peace of mind of
locking down the broadband connection. Small detail about their setup
documentation. Towards the end it is not organized properly. Everything is
bundled under USB setup for Win98 then XP. Step 5 = USB driver setup; so with
ethernet you skip it and you’re on a dead lead as there’s no step 6.

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