Hurricane Frances

If there was one thing about hurricane Frances, it was that it was ever
so slow (hence the flood watches) With the plastic & sand bags in front of
the doors & garage to prevent flooding, tape on the screen door, etc. all we
could do is wait. Boots, ladder, tools & supplies ready just in case an
intervention is needed.

All in all things went very well for the
hurricane passing over our area. Less wind and rain than forecasted is a good
thing. I went outside periodically in a dry moment to check on the house and
water levels, measuring around 40-50 mph winds. Not bad at all. One thing I did
not anticipate was quite a bit of rain / rain water being blown in-between the
sectional garage door panels. Apparently the profiles don’t close tight enough
to keep horizontal rain out?

We lost electricity, which we
anticipated, but fortunately it was restored within 24 hours. Really quick
compared to some other areas. Neighbors lost roofing shingles (again), some
fascia & guttering. The lake & canal did flood more than we had ever
seen, but the garden shed remained dry and there actually was no water nowhere
near the house, not even in the low spot near the garage. Only some puddles
towards the street. There was quite a bit of cleanup of aquatic plants that
washed on the beach. I’m holding my heart a little for beach erosion, but I’m
not going to worry about it. (I was rather unhappy the first time we had beach
erosion a few years ago) Some extra branches to take care of, but nothing major.
I was quickly reminded however of ants moving to higher ground. The fire ants on
some of the branches I had to cut up were terrible! Fortunately the carpenter
ant colony that moved into the garden shed wasn’t so aggressive.

Two practical problems: We couldn’t get on a flight out of town and
Hertz wanted to charge triple for the rental extension. It should have been less
than double based on the number of days. Price gouging? Well, some of the things
the girl said on the phone did not add up. We dropped of car A, and picked up
car B at regular cost to avoid whatever they were wanting to charge us. And the
whole availability thing? The Hertz lot was pretty much full, if you ask me.

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