Hurricane Jeanne damage

Hurricane Jeanne damaged our roof, our neighbor told me earlier in the
morning. I’m hoping to get some positive news later in the day, when the
hurricane passed, that we’re not facing a worst case scenario. (with regards to
the extent of roof repairs needed, water damage inside the house, etc.) Anyhow,
I am flying to Florida this evening to make repairs. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Edit: They canceled my flight for tonight to Orlando :( It doesn’t
make any sense. The only reason may be that they don’t want to fly around the
hurricane. But, as the hurricane moves west, air service in Orlando will resume
this afternoon. So?

Just when you thought you had your seat on the
plane & car reservation set. Murphy (‘s law) may now leave me alone for a
while. The last thing I need is more stress.

PS: If I get a chance,
I’ll add a comment to this entry later in the week, or will let C do that on my

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