Leaving for hurricane Frances

If it was ultra quiet here the past week, that’s because we jumped on a
plane Thursday evening without time left to post a message (3 hours to the
airport + 1+ hour for security etc). Hurricane Frances was heading straight for
home in Florida. Forecast: 1 day of high winds & 12+ to 24 inches of rain.
With 2 bodies of water at our property, that was not a good thing. So, we packed
a bag; grabbed flash lights, portable tv & radio, a load of rechargeable
batteries etc. and flew south.

Friday morning. hardware stores. Of
course plywood (any thickness) was no longer available, nor were plastics &
tape. Not that I had any realistic hope there would be any there. Plus, I
couldn’t transport plywood anyway with the rental car. At least I had some
reserve plastics & tape at home to get by :)

Off to the fire
department to get a sand bags. They allow you 20. Not quite enough for a garage
door & 2 doors, if you want to stack them 2 high. Next time: BYOB. No, not
“bring your own bottle” – “bring your own bags”. There’s always a backup with
garden / garbage bags & garden supplies.

Time to gas up the car?
Most gas stations were already running dry.

We made some
preparations, but, as the hurricane was slowing down, what better to do than
catching some of the 20-25 mph winds?

Big thanks to my darling for the photos!

The evening was
surreal with a beautiful sky.

All is well now, but the hurricane is coming, leaving you wondering
what will tomorrow and the day after tomorrow be?

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