Ordered DSL to stop dial-up frustration

I was hoping to get by with dial-up for a little bit, but with multiplemachines & users it’s too inconvenient. We did dial-up sharing a few yearsago before broadband started to appear on the horizon, but once you have asomewhat active online life, there simply is no turning back. It takes too longto get your email, then your browsing is tied up ’till your email is done, andthen it’s a snail. Oh an OS/AV/FW/… update? Then iBlog decides to reload thesite … which literally takes hours, and you don’t want to cut it off as itwould start all over later. Then in the mean time you can’t call to orderbroadband! ;) LOL. Anyway, I should be receiving my DSL self-installbox from gwi.nettomorrow and Verizon should have flipped the necessary secret switch (pulled awire?) behind the scenes by or on Thursday. Can’t wait to put that 3Mbps/768Kbpsto some good use, catching up with some online things like my fellow bloggers’sites & forums :)I’m crossing my fingers we’re not going tohit one of those quite common DSL install nightmares, where it takes 2-3 weeks& several tech visits before the thing is up and running at good speedwithout drop outs.

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