Too quiet? Cube defect & DSL slow

I agree, it was a little too quiet around here.

Unfortunately my “icecube” had been acting up more and more the past
days, actually weeks. Lately I simply couldn’t get it to boot and stay on any
more. Initially, xx weeks back, it needed to boot two or three times, but not
always. I thought perhaps it was a Panther hick-up on a RAM module. No biggy,
however, this became progressively worse to having to boot 8-10 times over the
weekend. The past days, I tried up to 20 times and it was still stuck :( So,
tested some RAM. All fine. Switched to VGA instead of ADC (less power draw).
Same. Swapped the graphics card. A-ha! The cube booted in no time, head first
for the desktop without no Kernel Panic, no Blue or Black Screen of Death (it
would lock up right before it shows the boot progress indicator). At least it’s
not the VRM module or other part (knock on wood). Now, I just need to pick up
another graphics card for “Cube2”.

DSL was running on 1 cylinder the
past days. We were only getting 400+kb/s instead of 3000kb/s. First time that
happens, the GWI tech said. I’m not so sure about that, but at least it’s fixed

A booting cube & simmering DSL connection = time to blog,
email, … catch up with online life!

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