Finally a calm evening

Since I’m adding an entry to this blog, you know I’m behind my cube
again, and that’s a good thing. Does it ever feel good to give C a big hug, pet
the cats, plop down in my office chair with a glass of wine, listening to some
music. I hurt everywhere, but I don’t really feel it. My brain overrides it with
“you got through, you survived”. I am very tired (actually exhausted, I only
slept about 4 hours a night for most of the week), but the energizer bunny keeps
going, enjoying the peace & serenity.

By all means the past 5-6
days were the most stressful & emotional week ever. Sure I’ve had some
tougher times & events in the past, even for prolonged periods, but nothing
quite like this. Driving up to your house after a hurricane and seeing a major
part of the roof surface missing, having a river of water running out of your
house over your feet when you open the front door, being unable to open the
interior door to get inside your own house, seeing things soaked head to toe,
walking on wet surfaces everywhere … stopped me in my tracks. The world quit
turning and time stood still. I couldn’t believe it. How was this possible? And
why? Why o why? My brain started to spin a million miles an hour, catching
details, trying to analyze what exactly transpired, inventorying what’s damaged
and how in the world was I going to deal with it?

It grabbed me by
the heart & throat when I called C to bring her the bad news. I couldn’t
talk really. Just cry and put out a call for help. An enormous thank you to some
of our very very dearest friends who came to the rescue as well as my neighbor
Tom who volunteered to help secure the roof. Together we got through a mountain
of work in three days. I honestly couldn’t have done it without their help. Not
physically, not mentally. I’m forever grateful and indebted to them.

To be continued …

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