iPod Photo, show photos on & with your iPod

said it in the past, catching fury from iPod lovers, that the iPod had to go
color and have the ability to display photos & movies before I’d get one.
Some said it would never happen. Never say never. Apple just announced the
. Steve said it’s fantastic on CNN HN, and a 60GB Photo iPod with
2″ color display really might just be that. The 40GB model is priced at $499 and
the 60GB at $599. They are shipping in 1-2 weeks.

Now we just need a
Quicktime player to play MPG & MOV files :) Or is iPod Video over the

Edit: Hold your horses. According to MacCentral the screen resolution is 220×176
pixels. Which, in my book is very low and in fact too low to be good, as that’s
only 38720 pixels total. If I’m not mistaken my PowerShot A70 has about 65000
pixels and recent digital cameras show over one megapixel on screen. I guess the
emphasis is on previewing the image while you display them via cable on TV, but
a bit better resolution (like 320×240 or 76800 pixels) would have been nice.
This also delays the Video iPod ’till the HDphoto iPod is among us ;)

PS: iTunes 4.7 – required for image transfer to the iPod Photo –
allows you to find duplicate files in your library. Finally!

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