Stuck inside

icerabbit on October 14th, 2004
The last beautiful days of the fall season and I’m stuck inside with a
sore throat.

What started as a tickle on Sunday gradually made it to
a full blown sore throat. Time to slow down. While this is hardly the time, with
so many things to do, so be it.

Somehow, I don’t think this maximum
strength sore throat spray is quite strong enough. And, you can only use it 4
times a day?! Keeping warm, drinking lots of fluids, popping some vitamins, …
I’ve been catching up with some old paperwork and reading. I sound like a dragon
or some creature from a horror flick at times, so phone-calls are for later. At
least there’s email and online banking nowadays. Now, the sooner this virus
gets out of my head, the better.

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