A uniter, not a divider

I hardly ever talk politics, but it’s November 3rd 2004. I’m sure by
now the whole world knows the same team will stay in office. The US seems more
divided than ever, as both poles have grown stronger and further apart. For me
there was no right candidate. I guess that’s what happens when you’re middle of
the road and there’s really only 2 choices. Kerry – Edwards certainly is/was not
the right team for me. Millionaire medical trial lawyers are partly responsible
for the healthcare mess in the US and they’re hardly democratic imo. People
can’t afford healthcare and doctors can’t afford insurance, while the trial
lawyers become millionaires. But, that aside, like the majority of the world, I
was quietly hoping for change. Just considering facts, I think the boat wasn’t
kept in the middle the stream the past 4 years (WMD, war in Iraq, Osama alive
& free, budget, jobs, economy, healthcare, social security, international
relations, …) so for me we might as well have a new captain at the wheel to
get on a better course. It surprised me that not more people thought that way,
but then maybe that’s more a European way of thinking. Maybe they got the
message and this time around they’ll work towards unity and focus on a better
future for America, both short & long term.

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