Carpet gluing should be illegal

Time for a break. From the DIY department: It should be illegal to glue
down a carpet. Especially over beautiful antique hardwood floors. I spent the
major part of yesterday and this morning working on the tiny (25 sq ft?) upper
hallway, tearing carpet pieces up and removing the carpet residue & glue.
Scraping, stripping, sanding like there’s no tomorrow. Why glue it down wall to
wall? Why? … They could have just tacked or stapled it properly along the
edges and it wouldn’t have moved a single mm.

Unfortunately that’s
25 square ft done with several hundred to go, which I’m certainly not about to
start right-away. This was a little test project on the side. I’m hoping a
professional floor sander will go right through that residue, eliminating or at
least minimizing the scraping & stripping phase in the larger spaces.

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