Dec 21 2004
With about 12 hours to go before we hit the road, it’s time to make my
last entry for 2004. I know, it’s a little early, but without a portable Mac
it’s not exactly practical to make entries 1-2-3 (I will chat in the sidebar to
give mini updates).

I find it hard to believe 2004 runs on it’s last
legs. Sure it’s winter with 0F / – 17C outside, but nearly 2005? Another year
gone by? 2004 was a pretty good year in many ways and stressful in others. Fall
was tough with the hurricanes and some other matters, but what doesn’t kill you,
makes you stronger they say. Let’s hope 2005 is more of the good stuff than
anything else.

Rests me to wish everybody Happy Holidays. Have a
Merry Christmas / Vrolijk Kerstfeest / Happy Hanukkah / … and a safe
celebration into the New Year. We wish you lots of joy, happiness and most
importantly good health.

See you next year everybody!

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Dec 21 2004

Late night lake shot in Central Florida with the 20D. On tripod of

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Dec 21 2004

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Dec 21 2004
It’s funny but probably 99% of vacation preparations I spend on other
things than packing my suitcase. Typical geek? Typical male? Or both?

I just like to be prepared for an international trip; so you check
the flight schedules & car rentals, look at a few maps of the “undiscovered
territories”, brief the most important itineraries, pick electronics and other
stuff to go – my laptop bag is pretty much good to go on a long trip any day,
but there’s stuff you don’t need which has to make room for other goodies ;)
Good thing that bag has wheels LOL – , charge batteries, … some extra
entertainment, snack, stuff to read. Put more music on that iPod! Calls &
emails to friends & family, verifying things in the “billing dept”, …

Then there’s stuff around the house. A few to do’s and time really
starts to tick. Making sure the cats’ comforts & needs are met is my/our top
priority. Boarding is very stressful (& pretty expensive) so Seven &
Wizard will stay comfy at home, in their own environment. Their XXL food &
water bowls are in place – Can you say “cookie heaven”? – and we will have a
“cat sitter” to spend some time with them. Otherwise it’d be too boring for them
without their human playmates and so few birds & squirrels to look at out
the window. They feel less lonely and we feel better knowing that they’re OK and
not isolated.

As for clothes? Well, I open my closet, pick a bunch
of this & that (something comfy, something warm, something nice, etc) and
stuff it in a suitcase. 5 minutes. Tops! ;)

Well, I better get a few
more things scratched of my to do list this morning.

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Dec 17 2004
I drove over 3000 miles in the past two weeks, and, even though I’m not
all that much into music nowadays as I once was, while trying to find good radio
stations and juggling a few CDs, I thought: this would be easier if I had an

I come home tired and all, … and there is this big stocking
stuffer! Wow? What’s all this?
An iPod! An iTrip ! And a PowerPod ! And noise canceling headphones?

If that does not make you an instant teenager, I don’t know what does ;)

So, yes, you can now count me in. I’m an unexpected member of the
iPod owners family now too and a very proud owner of a 4th generation 20GB iPod.

I will admit that I found the iPod installation lacking a little of
the general intuitiveness that I’m used to. I plugged it in. My Mac said there
was new firmware. OK. Follow the steps. And, I just wait for the “do not
disconnect” to go off the screen. 10 min. 30 min. 1 hour. ??? Something is up
with this. Turns out that when I carefully said “No, don’t automatically update
my iTunes library to my iPod” – because it’s way too big to fit on there and I’d
rather have some manual control over what goes on there – it shows that by
default as you need to eject the iPod from the finder. Aaaaahhh!

On a related note I was unable to find the iPod in iTunes. “No
iPod connected”. Huh? It says it’s right there in the finder! Turns out that
choosing for the “non automatic updating” causes iTunes apparently not to see
the iPod by no means. No option for manual uploading. Nada. So, I “Reset” the
iPod to “Factory condition” and started over choosing a yes on automatic
updating this time. As by magic it appeared in iTunes and there were the iPod
preferences to update select playlist, do it manually etc. Some logical flaw in
Apple’s reasoning and programming, if you ask me. As, when you choose manual,
why aren’t there any manual options in iTunes? nor an option to change to some
automatic preferences?

So, after 2 hours (blushing) of less and less
patient (WINK) waiting staring at the “do not disconnect” iPod screen and then
the “no iPod connected” in iTunes runaround, I finally was able to upload some
songs and play around. Wooohooo. An iPod rocks!

I bought a silicone
protective skin tonight for this expensive forensic fingerprint catcher ;) It
catches fingerprints like nothing I’ve ever seen. Could be handy some day -
haha. Time to Pod around some more ;)

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Dec 16 2004

3000 miles and 10 days later it feels so good to hug & kiss C, petthe cats and just relax. I didn’t sleep well for 3 nights because I wanted totuck in early and get up at 5AM, so I saw every hour on the clock. Yuk! The drive South & North went quite fine without any surprisesreally. You always see odd road behavior, accidents, get stuck in traffic jamsand what not. In “the South” (the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida) they better startcleaning up the left shoulder & emergency lane. There is so much shreddedtire junk that, if you had a flat on the highway, you’d instantly have anotherone by the time you come to a stop. And you can not leave the emergency lanewithout at least puncturing another tire (or two). Stop mowing the grass (it’snot growing anymore as it’s brown!) and sweep that junk, please! How do youcomplain to the Dept. Of Transportation?I met with both FEMA &State Farm regarding our hurricane damage. (you may want to read more for theinsurance story, do-s & don’t-s) Click here to read more …

Dec 5 2004
I’m heading South to Florida to catch up with a few things, including
meeting with the insurance adjuster & FEMA about Hurricane Jeanne damage.
Hopefully that’ll go smooth. I’m crossing my fingers.

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Dec 5 2004
Winter has arrived. I went on a short nighttime walk Friday night and
Saturday morning, trying to capture some of that beauty that comes with the
first snow of the season.

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Dec 2 2004
Time for another software update check to get Apple’s 2004-12-02
Security Update.

Some under the hood stuff for Apache and other
components. Two fixes in Safari: in a session with multiple windows open if
pop-ups are allowed, the new window will open in front. URL destinations shown
in the status bar should now always be the true destination. The available
detailed description is really good.

Could we get the same level of detail for regular OS updates,

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Dec 2 2004
Edit: Thanks to Dan for pointing out in the comments that this is in
fact a hoax .

Received via email. I
don’t know how your “home computer” looks, but mine takes up quite a bit less
space ;-)

from the RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a “home
computer” could look like in the year 2004. However the needed technology will
not be economically feasible for the average home. Also the scientists readily
admit that the computer will require not yet invented technology to actually
work, but 50 years from now scientific progress is expected to solve these
problems. With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be
easy to use. ”

You need a driver’s or boating license to
operate that computer? Or is that the pre-mouse functionality for left &
right? ;-)

I guess, in all (not counting Spam, Viri & such) we
did good on the computer front, but how about those robots and personal flying
cars from the Jetsons?

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