Happy Holidays

With about 12 hours to go before we hit the road, it’s time to make my
last entry for 2004. I know, it’s a little early, but without a portable Mac
it’s not exactly practical to make entries 1-2-3 (I will chat in the sidebar to
give mini updates).

I find it hard to believe 2004 runs on it’s last
legs. Sure it’s winter with 0F / – 17C outside, but nearly 2005? Another year
gone by? 2004 was a pretty good year in many ways and stressful in others. Fall
was tough with the hurricanes and some other matters, but what doesn’t kill you,
makes you stronger they say. Let’s hope 2005 is more of the good stuff than
anything else.

Rests me to wish everybody Happy Holidays. Have a
Merry Christmas / Vrolijk Kerstfeest / Happy Hanukkah / … and a safe
celebration into the New Year. We wish you lots of joy, happiness and most
importantly good health.

See you next year everybody!

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