It’s good to be home, home with C

3000 miles and 10 days later it feels so good to hug & kiss C, petthe cats and just relax. I didn’t sleep well for 3 nights because I wanted totuck in early and get up at 5AM, so I saw every hour on the clock. Yuk! The drive South & North went quite fine without any surprisesreally. You always see odd road behavior, accidents, get stuck in traffic jamsand what not. In “the South” (the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida) they better startcleaning up the left shoulder & emergency lane. There is so much shreddedtire junk that, if you had a flat on the highway, you’d instantly have anotherone by the time you come to a stop. And you can not leave the emergency lanewithout at least puncturing another tire (or two). Stop mowing the grass (it’snot growing anymore as it’s brown!) and sweep that junk, please! How do youcomplain to the Dept. Of Transportation?I met with both FEMA &State Farm regarding our hurricane damage. (you may want to read more for theinsurance story, do-s & don’t-s)FEMA was a pretty quick in and out the door visit by a ladycheck-marking things on her Fujitsu tablet PC. Yes you have damage. Quickinventory of damage. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. Ok. We may be able to help you withyour dehumidifier purchase. Since I couldn’t buy a chain-saw or a generator(because there were none available) that was it. They want a copy of theinsurance report and will send some documentation. The State Farmmeeting started as a nightmare. No, a front door is never covered, because youcan have standing water at your door. (OK, but ours is one step up? There neverwas any standing water.) A “Florida room” (enclosed walled & glassed inporch) is not an inhabitable part of a home so nothing in here qualifies.(What!?) And, this ceiling damage is old. WWWhattt??? I was ready to jump outof my skin! This cannot be happening. Discussion rises politely. Oh my. What’snext? Your interior door can be repaired (even though it’s warped and doesn’tclose properly? you can’t sand or plane that down length wise, really!) Next up:There’s no coverage the water that ran through your house. Huh, you’re sayingwater that 1000% certainly came through the open roof & ceilings will not becovered? Under the motto that water may possibly travel 2 steps up & blowthrough closed windows up respectively 5″ and then another 4″?! You need 9″ ofstanding water according to the law of communicating barrels (or whichever theEnglish equivalent name is). Aaargh. So, there I was with lead in my shoes.Things started to go smoother once I very firmly denied that any ceilingdiscoloration in the master bedroom was most certainly not a painting error /omission. I mean, you can miss a spot once, but not with 2 primer coats and atop coat! Just look at the rest of the ceilings, fixture areas, etc. I told him,people call me the “detail guy”. If there’s something, I see it. If I dosomething, I do it right. There’s absolutely no chance that’s a paint issue.Let’s take other fixtures down & see how the paint goes all the way up tothe junction box. Things went better after that. But then how much worse couldit be? Saying no, no, no covers a lot already.I’ll have to read upon policy details when I have some more time & energy; but, if a pipe burstsin your house you’re covered for that water running through your house. If yourroof surface is missing and truckloads of water come through there should be thesame coverage. It wasn’t a flood. Water did not stand 12″ outside our house. Infact, there was NO “standing water” whatsoever. There’s witnesses. No water ranfrom outside the house up the steps and no bathtub loads of water rained throughwindows either. Our roof was uncovered during a hurricane! [ end of venting& PTSD ]Once we got more on a level ground on some of thesmaller stuff (furniture that was directly hit by water coming through theceiling) I was bit less nervous and finally discovered they were going to coverthe Florida room ceiling. Small detail is that they forgot to tell me thatinitially!- I’ll update this further tomorrow –

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