Do iPods come with self-draining batteries?

Input from fellow iPod users wanted.

I can’t help but wonder
if the battery in my (still barely used) iPod is defective.

At the
end of the Christmas trip my iPod came with a drained battery out of my laptop
bag. I blamed it on user error, that more than likely in the week prior there
was some pressure on the click wheel which kept it awake. (should be preventable
though via it’s OS / firmware imo). Last week, it certainly was fully charged
after I added some music to it and left it on my desk. A few days later the
battery is down a quart? This can’t be normal, can it? I clearly didn’t use it.
Or did I? (funny how you can start doubting yourself)

Time for a
test. Friday (early evening) my iPod was fully charged. Now, Sunday, a mere 48
hours later without any use – apart from checking the battery status twice with
immediate sleep 10 secs later – it is down 3 pixel rows or so? You can very
clearly see that the top 1/5th(?) of the battery indicator is shown empty /
clear instead of charged / black.

Does an iPod use power in it’s
sleep? Does waking it up for a few seconds use that much power? … Is this
normal? Do you have to keep your iPod charged up?

I don’t have any
other iPod to compare it with, nor iPod users in my direct environment; so I
appreciate comments either way from my blog friends & other readers.

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