Gallery frustrations

Switching from JAlbum to Galerie and back to JAlbum.History:
At some point last year I lost my custom JAlbum templates when I formatted my
Cube (& PC). I had all my documents & files safely backed up, except for
the customized files that resided in the JAlbum application subfolder. Oops! I
was able to dig up an older version on a backup CD-ROM or DVD but that version
was really outdated. And, on top of that, I was having problems with JavaScript
errors with some more advanced features. Time for a break.

I just
started puzzling things back together [ it’s New Year ;) ]. What better than a
clean start? With my first little creation, JAlbum (v. 5.1 now) was giving me
“out of memory” errors right out of the gate? Ditto with some of the built-in
themes? Some frustration later I decided to try Galerie. Downloaded &
installed it. Changed a few settings and create gallery. Whoppa. AppleScript
Error -43 – Some object wasn’t found. What the? Repeatable problem. In the
support forum I did get immediate response. User error. Galerie doesn’t handle
subfolders, which happens to be a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to do every
folder & index separately on multiple levels.

Back to JAlbum
then. David Ekholm (creator of JAlbum) helped identify that something in the
Canon 20D’s EXIF data causes the EXIF extractor to error. Mmm. They can’t leave
all that stuff standard, can they? But, at least I can keep tinkering on my
template by leaving the EXIF processing off … and once my template is
operational, I can publish new images :)

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