MWSF 2005 webcast & predictions

Sadly enough there is none. I for one – calling my self lucky we would
be back from vacation in time ;) – looked forward to keeping an eye on the
screen. That was, until I caught up with the latest Mac news last night. I
guess we were very fortunate & spoiled the past years, tuning in live at
home or work to learn what the next year will bring, so eagerly waiting for the
“There’s one more thing” moment.

What’s one to do today? Can you
ignore all news sources & blogs till after you view it “on demand” tonight?
I’d like it on demand at 11AM ;) Thinking of it, maybe they can make it “pay
per view” next time around since cost was brought up as the main reason behind
dropping the webcast.

My predictions?

Rumors focus on a
“flash based iPod without screen” potentially to be known as iPod Flash ~ iPod
Shuffle ~ iShuffle. I think we may see such a device simply because Apple is on
a roll with their music department and wants to get a bigger market share. It
shouldn’t be called an iPod though. iPlay would be better, as how else are we
going to keep this thing straight? iPod, iPod Photo, iPod mini, iPod micro, iPod

I doubt a headless Mac will appear. Some sites talk about a G4
iMac without screen. I don’t think so. IF there’s a low end Mac without screen
it won’t be iMac based and can’t be Cube style either. Powering it with a G4
would be a mistake in my opinion. So, a single G5 mini / micro tower? I don’t
count on it, though I’d have loved to have seen that appear in the past 2 years
(before the dual 2.5 G5 landed under my desk). Maybe I’ll be proven wrong since
Apple is often a few years behind what users want and they’ll actually introduce
it today!

iPhone by Apple? Nah. The cellular phone market is too
hot. Phones become obsolete after 6mo – 1yr and Apple is not that quick to
update products. What specs would they have to give it before anybody would buy
it? Who would be the carrier/provider? Who could afford the switch if they have
to jump carrier? (contract fees) A – insert brand name – PDA phone with
bluetooth & WiFi etc that’s completely Mac compatible (with custom OS?)
would be the best idea imo. Leave the hardware to the phone manufacturers like
Nokia & Motorola.

OS X 10.4 Tiger will be released some time
during spring + Dual 3.0 G5 PowerMacs this summer + G5 PowerBooks this

So what will Steve likely present at the keynote?

Software updates for the iLife apps, iTunes update, Quicktime update,
perhaps something new, perhaps a new AppleWorks, improved pro tools.
hardware updates for various systems and perhaps price drops.
And the
mystery item will be the networked media box you attach to your home

We’ll see what happens :)

PS: The Cinema displays
already dropped in price, with the 20″ now at $999. Let the keynote begin!

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